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International mass entrepreneurship and innovation cooperation

EGG has reached cooperation in the field of international bi-innovation with 10+ global top 500 enterprises, several scientific research institutes, innovation activities, regional governments, etc. Relying on the perfect innovation incubation system of EGG Incubator in the UK and the rich ecosystem of innovation resources, EGG helps large enterprises, international activities, and regional industries to link up with international innovation resources, and provides for global innovation:

International Innovation Event Solutions

Innovative solutions for international businesses

International innovative investment solutions

Suzhou Industrial Park - International Alumni Association-Excellence Partner

In 2023, EGG, as the only overseas organisation representing UK universities in industry-academia-research cooperation, became the "International Alumni Consortium - Partner of Excellence" in Suzhou and participated in the 15th Suzhou International Elite Entrepreneurship Week 2023 and Talent-led Industrial Innovation Cluster Development Conference.

2023 Forbes China - Global Chinese Elite Top 100 Awards

In 2023, EGG and Forbes have entered into a partnership to participate in the "Forbes China - Global Chinese Elite Top 100 Awards" as the exclusive partner of Global Venture Capital and co-organise the "Forbes China - Global Chinese Elite Top 100 Awards". Forbes China - Global Chinese Elite Top 100 Award" series of events.

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