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Global investment

EGG UK focuses on investing in seed and angel round companies established in the UK, discovering start-up companies with development potential and high growth potential, and helping them grow and grow through a strong empowerment system. UK EGG invests 10 Million(£) in seed/angel rounds every year, and raises more than 100 Million(£) for overseas companies.

In 2020, it held 278 venture capital Investment Committee calls, and more than 200 start-ups applied to join the incubator At present, it has directly cooperated with 10 investment companies to provide entrepreneurs with financial support in CNY; USD; GBP and other currencies.

EGG UK was selected by Alibaba Group Investment (China)  as the fastest growing business incubator in the UK in 2020, and has been widely recognized by the venture capital industry in China and the UK. In the future, EGG UK will continue to practice early-stage investment, be a guide for British entrepreneurs, and empower Chinese entrepreneurs in the UK.

Existing Portfolio

As of March 2021, EGG UK has a total of 45 UK incubation projects, covering fields including education; financial technology; cross-border e-commerce; new media; new energy; big data; real estate; medical equipment.

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Investment Round

We only focus on Seed Investment and Angel Investment:

  • Concept stage: Only entrepreneurial concept, in the lean testing stage, with BETA users, no benefit.

  • Pre-revenue stage: There is an existing user growth trajectory, and there may be some benefits.

  • Growth stage: Continued track record of growth in users, revenue and market, seeking to expand/scale.

Post-investment service

We provide investee companies with professional support, experience and resources in brand building, marketing, channel expansion, talent introduction, financial management, global expansion and other aspects, helping them achieve rapid development. At the same time, a complete closed-loop entrepreneurial service cluster has been established, with an extensive layout of innovation space, entrepreneurial media and communication, entrepreneurial learning and community, and resource integration.

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