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Domestic projects go overseas

Since the advent of the era of globalization, Chinese local companies have been actively exploring the international market. The international market can bring huge opportunities for startups, but before the project can be successfully implemented, the Chinese team needs to deal with all kinds of wind and waves in the sea journey.


EGG UK is committed to being a bridge between Chinese and British entrepreneurs and providing all-round localized strategic support for Chinese companies going overseas.

College Resources

EGG UK has close ties and cooperation with many well-known universities and student associations in the UK, covering 140,000 high-level international students in the UK. We help Chinese projects to spread their brand, expand the volume of target customers and provide high-quality talent resources in universities.

Business and Chamber of Commerce

EGG UK maintains long-term and excellent cooperation with many local companies and chambers of commerce in the UK, and can provide business talent resources for projects and carry out capital exchanges and cooperation.

Research institutions

EGG UK has established official cooperation with more than 20 scientific research institutions and university laboratories in the UK to provide enterprises with scientific research talent resources and carry out high-tech exchanges.

Local government

We are familiar with relevant policies in the UK, which can help solve visa and local legal consultation and other related issues.

In May 2020, Alibaba, China's largest e-commerce brand, launched a foreign student program in the UK for the first time, and jointly launched the "Taobao Global E-commerce Entrepreneurship Competition" with the UK's EGG incubator.

The event attracted more than 1,300 British international students to participate. EGG UK helped the winning projects to establish in-depth strategic cooperation with multiple partners.

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In September 2022, EGG, as the exclusive partner in Europe, will start the cooperation with VentureBond for Chinese enterprises to go to sea, with dual channels between China and the UK, and through the complete resource system of VentureBond and the local service of EGG incubator in the UK, to ensure that the Chinese enterprises to go to sea will get the complete service to go to sea.

In June 2023, EGG participated in the event as the exclusive UK partner of the cross-border eco-service provider of the "Global Digital Trade Dual Park Programme" and pressed the start button together with representatives from the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, the Hangzhou E-commerce Association, the Yigao Group, the cross-border eco-service provider of the Dual Park Programme, and other five parties to witness the launch of the Global Digital Trade Dual Park Programme. Digital Trade Dual Park Programme was launched.

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