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All England Global Creation Competition

EGG  has established official strategic cooperation with more than UK universities/federations and launched an entrepreneurial competition covering 140,000 British students across the UK.

The competition builds a complete set of service system from project selection, guidance, cultivation to implementation and incubation, attracting a large number of high-level international students to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship. At the same time, under the wave of overseas students returning to start their own businesses, the competition has developed into an important window for overseas students to understand China's entrepreneurship and innovation environment and policies, and has become an important brand project in the field of Sino-British venture capital.

Taobao Global Buying and Entrepreneurship Competition

The 'First British International Student E-commerce Entrepreneurship Competition' created by Taobao Global Buying and the British EGG Incubator attracted nearly 1,500 British students during the epidemic.


This is the first time that Alibaba has launched an international student program in the UK. EGG UK has helped the winning projects to establish in-depth strategic cooperation with multiple partners.

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University of Warwick Entrepreneurship Competition

EGG UK was invited to participate in the 2020 Entrepreneurship Competition of the University of Warwick. CFO Lu Chengkuan attended the final as a judge. The judges participating in the competition included the head of the British branch of the European Times and the technology transfer director of the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


EGG UK provides UK start-up visas and guidance on entrepreneurship issues for the champion project of the competition.

VIVA Entrepreneurship Competition

As a judge and the UK's exclusive entrepreneurial cooperation platform, the British EGG Incubator participated in the VIVA Global Entrepreneurship Competition hosted by UCLCBIS and Cambridge Student Federation, and co-organized by Alibaba Business School, Miracle Creation Forum and 50+ major student organizations around the world.


The competition covers hundreds of institutions of higher learning around the world, and brings together entries from multiple tracks such as high-tech, medical technology, chip research and development, blockchain, culture and entertainment, education, and media.

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2021 HICOOL Conference


2021 HICOOL Conference

HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Competition

In 2021-2023, EGG UK, as the exclusive partner in the UK, co-organized the Global Entrepreneurs Summit and Entrepreneurship Competition. British EGG has connected with more than 20 top 150 British universities in the world QS, and led a number of British entrepreneurial projects to return to China to participate in the semi-finals.

EGG won the Talent Scout Award of HICOOL 2023,2022,2021,being the only overseas organisation to win the Talent Scout Award for three consecutive years.

The summit accelerates the discovery of new projects and gradually creates a multi-level, multi-dimensional and diversified international innovation and entrepreneurship service model, providing comprehensive services for the participants to have an in-depth understanding of the domestic innovation and entrepreneurship environment and return to China for sustainable development.

BP Roadshow Sharing Session at University College of London

Chengkuan Lu, CFO of EGG incubator in the UK, has been invited to participate in lectures on entrepreneurship at UCL many times, sharing the knowledge and experience of UK innovation and entrepreneurship with UCL students.

​ In the same year, Lu Chengkuan also participated in sharing activities such as the Warwick University Start-up Competition and the LSE University Roundtable on behalf of the incubator.

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Hefei Hi-Tech Zone and Overseas Regions of Anhui Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2022

EGG, as the exclusive partner of the UK, attended the opening of the online link, and carried out some follow-up publicity, docking related cooperation. This meeting was organised by Zhong'an Chuanggu, Hefei High-Tech Group and Hefei High-Tech Investment under the guidance of Hefei High-Tech Zone Management Committee.

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