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EGG is a British-funded business incubator with a development model of "startup support + seed investment" and a dedicated fund for early-stage entrepreneurial projects in UK universities. EGG Incubator is headquartered in Birmingham, UK, with branches in London, Manchester and Newcastle. The incubator has startup funds in 23 top UK universities and maintains long-term close cooperation with several research institutes in G5 universities, with 300+ entrepreneurial PhDs under its umbrella, and more than 150 UK invention patents.

EGG's founding team are all from well-known UK investment firms, UK Top 10 law firms, Big 4 accounting firms, or founders of startups. EGG UK also has more than 30 working CEOs from UK companies as incubator mentors to help our clients to establish a foothold in the UK.

In 2020, the incubator launched its first China operation and has helped 20 overseas companies raise hundreds of millions of pounds, with outstanding results in four major areas: big data, cross-border e-commerce, tech/medical venture capital, and new media.

In the past five years, the incubator has been focusing on new energy, new materials, and electric vehicle technologies, and its projects have a total of more than 150 UK invention patents.

Joint venture

The SIAT and EGO and EGG Cooperative Science and Technology Innovation Platform is a joint venture company of science and technology innovation platform jointly established by the British EGG, the Shenzhen Advanced Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the SIAT Maker Institute, and the EGO Group. With the three parties' deep understanding of the macroeconomy and years of deep cultivation in the field of science and technology innovation, the platform will launch a series of international platform products including SIAT EGG Innovation Center, Overseas Accelerator, etc., and provide supporting international talent exchanges, double carbon summit forums, venture capital Global services such as incubation, fund cooperation, and brand overseas, give full play to the effectiveness of the real economy, accelerate key and core technology research, release the vitality of technological innovation, and contribute to making up for shortcomings in key areas globally and grasping the initiative in scientific and technological development.

SIAT is the first national scientific research institution in Shenzhen and the only research institution under the Chinese Academy of Sciences system that is not named after a single discipline or field. Industrial Research Institute. SIAT Maker Institute is the first dual-creation platform for national scientific research institutions in China, as well as a platform for the promotion of technological achievements and an operation platform for horizontal cooperation bases directly under the Shenzhen Advanced Institute.

EGO Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and has been committed to becoming an outstanding contributor to the transformation and upgrading of the urban digital economy. Over the past 20 years, relying on the market-oriented operation model and based on the regional industrial foundation, it has provided investment, development, and operation services for the development and innovation of urban and rural digital industries. Focusing on "integration of industries and cities, industrial ecology, intelligent property, and rural revitalization", we will deeply cultivate regional economic development, use new technologies, new formats, and new models to vigorously transform and upgrade traditional industries, cultivate and incubate digital industries, and cover industrial parks. , technology incubator, pastoral complex, building a new economy, venture capital, and other sectors, covering digital economy, human resources, cultural creativity, beautiful countryside, returning to start a business, and other fields. Home, Yimao, Yimaitong, Weichao and other brands.


British EGG is an entrepreneurial incubator with the development model of "startup support + seed investment", dedicated to realizing global entrepreneurial interconnection and boundless innovation.
The EGG is head office in Birmingham, UK, with branches in London, Manchester, and Newcastle. The incubator incubates early-stage entrepreneurial projects in cooperation with many universities in the UK, mainly focusing on new energy, new materials, artificial intelligence, big data, and other technological fields. It has more than 300 entrepreneurial doctors and more than 70 British invention patents, providing overseas high-quality joint ventures. projects and overseas resources.


Investment areas

EGG Capital has accumulated rich investment experience in the fields of venture capital and mergers and acquisitions.

Our investments are mainly concentrated in the following industries/directions




medical health




(Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing)




Education industry



Clean Tech and Energy  

New materials and new energy



Consumer Goods & Entertainment

consumer entertainment



Real Estate

real estate

Development Path





The incubator and the British Entrepreneurship Visa Guarantee Center, the Birmingham City Entrepreneurship Development Center, the Manchester City Entrepreneurship Development Center, and the London Entrepreneurship Development Center jointly helped the British ABC project incubate and land.




British EGG incubator and British BlackRock; State Street; jointly participate in British enterprise financing projects




The British EGG incubator launched the project to return to China, the overseas senior talent project, and its Dr. Duber entrepreneurial project was officially launched




The UK EGG Incubator participated in the University Entrepreneurship Competition. The founders presented awards to the winning teams, and the winning teams were granted UK entrepreneurial visas.

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