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Returning from overseas projects

In recent years, China has continuously optimized its talent policy, especially increasing efforts to introduce overseas talents. From the "going abroad fever" to the "returnee tide", it is becoming a trend for overseas students to return to China for innovation and entrepreneurship.


EGG UK is a British entrepreneurial project, university laboratory technology, building a landing platform in China, helping overseas excellent entrepreneurial projects, and patented technology landing in China.

Capital advantage

EGG UK has reached cooperation with many well-known domestic investment companies, such as Shenzhen Venture Capital, China Science and Technology Maker Academy, Galaxy Holdings, Juming Venture Capital and other capitals.These companies will work with EGG to help overseas projects return to China and provide capital support.

International investment

EGG UK organizes the UK to go to China to carry out investment promotion and talent introduction activities

Policy Support

EGG has reached cooperation with innovation and entrepreneurship bases such as the Yangtze River Delta Haichuang Center, Shenzhen International Students Pioneer Park, and Xiongan New Area, and will provide preferential policies for talents and projects to return to China, and accelerate the supporting development of domestic multi-regional industrial chains.

Support for high-level talents returning to China

EGG UK helps high-level entrepreneurs to enjoy the return of personal settlement, talent subsidies, and discounts for buying houses and cars.

EGG UK introduced ophthalmic technology from British medical companies to return to China, and the project angel round financing reached 60 million RMB.

Tropical Leaves

EGG Incubator in the UK and Nuxe in Paris, France, introduced the Chinese domestic market through cross-border e-commerce and other models to enhance its influence and popularity in the domestic market.

EGG UK 2021 excellent project



Third prize in Beijing Competition


6 months after returning to China, seed round financing RMB 15 million


Screenshot 2022-03-23 7.34.37 pm.png
Screenshot 2022-03-23 7.38.37 pm.png

EGG UK 2021 excellent  project

Zeno of science and technology


Third prize in Beijing Competition


8 months back to China seed round financing 10 million RMB


EGG UK 2021 excellent project

Water science and technology


Winning Award of Beijing Innovation Competition


5 million RMB settlement reward for returning to Zhejiang; 10,000 square meters free factory

Modern Architecture
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