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Our team

We are entrepreneurs in the UK, and an investment team for entrepreneurial transformation.


In the face of the ups and downs in the entrepreneurial stage in the UK, we empathize and accompany them carefully.


We have 30+ in-service CEOs of British companies as incubator startup mentors. We are committed to bringing rich global resources and valuable historical experience to member companies, helping founding teams start from scratch and jointly build global startups.

Lu Chengkuan

Lewis Lu

Chief Financial Officer

Asia Pacific Executive Director Chairman

Lewis is the founder of EGG incubator in the UK and is currently the CFO and executive chairman of EGG incubator in the UK.


Lewis is in charge of the Business Development Department of the incubator and is in charge of the 2B side of the incubator. Responsible for incubator strategic planning, positioning and management. On behalf of the incubator, he has negotiated B2B cooperation with Alibaba, Chinese Academy of Sciences, government projects, British universities, CRCM, EREC and other enterprises.

At the same time, Lewis is also the main person in charge of the VC venture capital department of the incubator.


Lewis is the chairman of the Alumni Association of the University of Warwick, and was rated as one of the 36 Krypton 2022 Global Chinese Elite Power 100 by the GAP project of the University of Warwick.


Lu Xing

Ron Lyu

Chief Operating Officer

Ron is the executive director and current COO of EGG incubator in the UK.


Ron is in charge of the Marketing R&D department of the incubator and is in charge of the 2C side of the incubator. In May 2020, Alibaba launched an international student program in the UK for the first time, and jointly launched the "Taobao Global E-commerce Entrepreneurship Competition" with the UK EGG Incubator. Ron led the MRD department to recruit nearly 2,000 British international students to participate.


Ron is currently a member of the London Sino-British Cultural Exchange Association, and was nominated by IOD in 2020, and won the Under 30 Most Potential COO in 2020. Ron received dual master's degrees from the University of Birmingham and the University of Leicester in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

Investment Director

Bruce Zhai

Co-funder & Human Resources Director

Bruce, a British lawyer, has helped the incubator make important work instructions and contributions in personnel management and legal management.

Bruce is also a well-known project investor. He has signed contracts with Chinese electric vehicle brands to enter the UK market, and has been involved in education, real estate and other related fields.

Dean Ding


Dean is the executive director and CEO of a famous British investment company. He provided strong financial support and investment team in the initial stage of the incubator.

Dean is also a well-known Chinese and British angel round financier. He has led investment projects such as Chinese government projects in the UK, Shakespeare's former residence, medical care, and chips.



As one of the founders of the incubator, Andrew has 10 years of working experience in government projects, business incubation and Sino-UK project policies in the UK, and he also provides guarantees for the issuance of business incubator visas.

Andrew also has more than 5 years of project cooperation experience with Cambridge University and Oxford University.

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