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Young Entrepreneur Project

Young Entrepreneur Project (YEP for short) is the first British international student business incubation project initiated by the British EGG incubator and co-organized by the top PE/VCs from all over the world.

EGG UK provides 12-week entrepreneurial projects, mentor resources, and builds global venture capital platforms such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen Venture Capital, CRCM, and FCA to help high-quality international student entrepreneurial projects land in China and the UK.

Entrepreneurship course study

  • Lecturer: taught by outstanding entrepreneurs in the UK, using small class teaching to complete the construction of entrepreneurial knowledge system from 0-1

  • Entrepreneurial mentor: 24*7 answering questions about any entrepreneurial project

  • Knowledge system: As a leading venture capital incubator in the UK, EGG teaches students how to create entrepreneurial projects that can obtain financing from the perspective of investors

real roadshow opportunities

  • Polishing project ideas by participating in entrepreneurship competitions, winning competition awards and mentoring

  • Senior entrepreneurship mentors provide practical guidance on entrepreneurship, such as how to get financing, how to start a company, how to enjoy entrepreneurship support policies and a series of guidance

  • EGG invites guest speakers from time to time to share with you the experience and lessons on the road of entrepreneurship, and provide face-to-face communication opportunities with top entrepreneurs and investors

Entrepreneurial combat tasks

  • During the 12-week practical project, 11 entrepreneurial practical projects will be completed

  • Apply entrepreneurial knowledge to solve business problems and exercise teamwork and pitching skills

Docking resources for entrepreneurship and innovation

  • Returning high-quality projects will receive incubation opportunities from cooperative venture capital platforms such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Galaxy Holdings and other companies

  • High-quality projects in the UK will receive incubation opportunities for companies such as UK EGG or cooperative venture capital platforms such as CRCM

Project harvest

Entrepreneurship practical certificate

The UK EGG Incubator will sign individual [Entrepreneurship Project Certificates] for participants in Chinese and English according to the field of incubation projects, project progress, project results and capital contact progress.

Investment Roadshow Proof

British EGG and the co-incubator will jointly issue the [Investment Roadshow Project Certificate] for the team that successfully obtained the roadshow investment.

Director recommendation letter

British EGG directors will provide project participants with a customized official recommendation letter to prove the candidate's entrepreneurial ability and future development potential to the target employer or institution.

Project team interview

EGG UK will provide an interview opportunity for the project's founding team. This interview will be published on the official website, public account and Weibo platform of EGG and partner companies in the UK to help the project build a multimedia matrix.

From 0-1 overseas entrepreneurial experience

Within three months, through a customized entrepreneurial training model combined with the theme of entrepreneurial products with the most investment prospects, to create an unrepeatable entrepreneurial experience.

Professional network accumulation

Compared with self-employment, the Entrepreneurship Project will provide you with a broader entrepreneurial platform and network accumulation channels, helping you integrate a variety of resources to empower entrepreneurial projects.

For more information, please consult our human customer service

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