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UK start-up support

The UK is taking a broader approach to attracting international talent with a more open attitude, injecting fresh blood into UK innovation. There has been a wave of Chinese students' entrepreneurship in the UK in recent years. These entrepreneurs in the UK are anchored in emerging industries such as TMT, artificial intelligence, and big data.

EGG UK provides comprehensive entrepreneurial project support and visa counselling services for Chinese entrepreneurs in the UK.

Start-up visa service

Project Overview

Project supports small investment

For start-up teams, the pre-incubation program reduces capital requirements, reduces the investment risk of applicants, and brings more convenience to entrepreneurs who have insufficient capital preparation and intend to stay in the UK.


Support start-up business visa and PSW visa, which is valid for 2 years. As a business incubation period, there are no specific business profits and employees requirements during these two yearsApplicants are allowed to live and work part-time in the UK, but they cannot be employed as Doctors, dentists in training or professional athletes (including sports coaches), etc.


It is no longer limited to college graduates in the UK, but is open to applicants who are interested in starting a business in the UK for the first time, with no background in studying abroad and high academic qualifications.

Team Match

The incubator supports matching projects, matching start-up teams, and polishing business plans.

Easy to start a business

The applicant's spouse and children will also have the opportunity to stay in the UK together. In addition to the applicant's deposit certificate of £945, each applicant's dependents must provide proof of holding a deposit of at least £630 for at least 90 consecutive days, and the visa result will be given 8 weeks after the application is submitted.



The Assist Project

If you need to create or complete your  business plan and are ready to start your own business in the UK, choose our The Assist Project. This project mainly provides business plan for customers, helps customers improve BP content, and sorts out entrepreneurial project ideas.

The Initiate project

If you already have an entrepreneurial idea/entrepreneurial partner (individual/team) and want to apply for Start-Up through the school, we recommend choosing The Initiate Project service. We will customize exclusive projects for customers according to their different professional fields and interests. Help customers who want to stay in the UK to start a business but don't know where to start, provide systematic training, build business model ideas, help customers create complete BP programs and project professional speech training, provide on-the-job CEO direct training, and improve the details of the speech link , to ensure that customers pass the audit of each level of the guarantee agency. At the same time, we will also provide a series of follow-up services.

The follow up project

If you have a team of more than 3 people and have suitable partners, you are welcome to choose The Follow Up+ Project. This project is suitable for teams of 3 (or more) clients to apply at the same time. We will carry out systematic training for each team, and tailor the project according to the characteristics of the customer team to help each person show their abilities in the team, each team member maintains a complementary state, and all project training is carried out in a team form to ensure that each Each customer can pass the audit of each level of the guarantee agency.

Innovator Visa Services

Project Overview

Can support ever get

The fastest visa for permanent residence

The first visa is directly given for 3 years. After the 3-year period is met, the applicant can obtain permanent residence in the UK after meeting the specific requirements for permanent residence. Compared with the old entrepreneur immigrant visa (T1), it generally takes 5 years. The policy is more time-saving and economical.

Many-to-one professional services

Innovator Incubation is a vast entrepreneurial network of working CEOs, mentors, professional trainers, academics and corporate teams, all of whom have one thing in common: a desire to help clients plan, start or expand your projects!

Multidimensional service

As a member of the Innovator Incubator, you can make free appointments with entrepreneurs and mentors, mentor with experts, consult with industry professionals, participate in our forums, create competitions and join the global network of entrepreneurs and investors.

100% success rate

The "Endorsement" system introduced by the "Innovation Visa" incubator means that the applicant is closely tied to the guarantee institution whether it is the first visa, the renewal (if necessary) and the transfer of permanent residence.

Track Items

Applicants must be guaranteed by a sponsoring agency before they can apply for a visa further. And the applicant must keep in touch with the guarantee agency during the visa holding period, and be tracked and checked by the guarantee agency every 6, 12, and 24 months.




The Accelerate Programme

If you want to join a business already established in the UK, you can apply for our Accelerate Programme. We will match existing companies according to the needs of customers. In this project, EGG will help customers find corporate directors/shareholders for docking. After the docking is successful, EGG will help customers allocate their positions in the project and provide a series of required related services. , to ensure cooperation in safeguarding the interests of both parties.

The Brooder Programme

If you want to get UK permanent residence by running your own business, you can apply for our Brooder Programme. We will tailor the project for the client according to the needs of the client. We will provide you with the best contacts and resources to ensure that customers can obtain guarantee letters from the guarantee agency, and provide all the required legal, accounting, HR, project consulting and other services in all aspects. We will follow up the customer’s project through he whole process, and finally achieve the project landing

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